Andrei Puiu

Andrei Puiu

Sâmbăta 18 mai

33 and still kickin’, based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, member of VRTW ( Vinyl, rum tapas and wine) artists community – Puiu is one of the vinyl-record addicts and collectors who chooses to buzz the crowd’s ears with the finest tunes. 

Complex musical background and with a heavy interest in style diversity, Andrei Puiu (by his full name) had a tuned-up evolution music wise, growing up as a soul-funk, electro-psychedelia and rock guitarist in several bands. His experience and constant affinity towards new and spicy musical grounds, brought Puiu to the present point where a genre-pattern for his Dj set-up is considered nothing but boring. 

Surprisingly diverse, starting from old to new, from the good-kind-of-hits to barely known, from mellow to pumped-up, Puiu’s vinyl dj-sets assure a great mood for a picky crowd. No rules are applied, no playlists are previously “glued”, which only make Puiu’s sets very fresh and based on a “get it while it’s hot”-principle.