Sâmbăta 13 august

DOLO is an artist from Romania, born in Timisoara with the real name Varlan Adrian.


Many years ago, Dolo stepped for the firts time in the electronic music industry as a spectator and from there the thought of becoming a DJ began to appear. Soon he took a DJ course and also a music production course.


For DOLO, music isn’t just a passion, it’s a way of life, as a result he built his own events: AMURG & Petrecere Dolofanã.


He mixed in many places including: Database, RAND.OM Club (Mamaia), Flight Festival, KDK, along many DJs like: Valentino Kanzyani, Mahony, Just2 and many other.


The musical style he adopted is Techno, Tech house and minimal, combining all three in such a way that he came to create his own style of mixing.