Hiroko Yamamura (USA)

Hiroko Yamamura (USA)

Sâmbătă 13 iunie

Classic Chicago ride or die style DJ/producer influenced by The Warehouse, technology, and
straight up techno, it’s no wonder she has been named one of Chicago’s top 10 DJ’s by XLR8R

Technology and exploration are at the roots of Hiroko’s core. Equally enthralled by the beat and
the machines generating them, her sound is an homage to every circuit, resistor, patch cord
and application that brings voice and inspiration to her work. Her gothic and industrial roots are
evident in her music, as well as her punk rock DIY drive. Taking inspiration from classic science
fiction and dark anime, Hiroko’s studio can often be confused for a booth at a comic

Currently calling labels such as Trax Records, Impact Mechanics, Slap Jaxx and Klectik as
home, she just recently returned from a long hiatus from music. Her previous projects under
the Bio-Booster and as a member of Monologic have not ceased, however they have taken a
back seat to a more focused techno vision. As a midwest rave staple, Hiroko has toured the
globe spreading the sounds of Chicago including gigs at the famed Detroit Movement Festival
as well as regular Berlin and Ibiza shows. Hiroko currently calls clubs such as Spybar and
Soundbar home. She actively contributes jacking Chicago techno with an edge all its own,
along with her like-minded colleagues and collaborators including Heartthrob, Seth Troxler,
Hyperactive, Angel Alanis, Kate Simko and the Submerge. Find out why XLR8R named her one
of Chicago’s top 10 DJs.

Labels – Trax Records, Impact Mechanics, Apollo Music, Detroit Sampled