Ivan Popa (BG)

Ivan Popa (BG)

Vineri 17 mai

Ivan Gospodinov-Popa is a vocalist of the Ethnic Bass formation „Oratnitza”! Besides, it is a lover-selector of music with a dance party focus! He organized not only one DJ party and he had warmed up and finished concerts not only for Oratnitza, but also for other bands on the native and European stage! There is a particular affinity to the deep bass and changing the line of the cardiogram to frequencies where you can not remain indifferent! He is also known as the „Bad Boy of Bulgarian Folklore”, and in his sets you can hear:Dance, House, Ska, Reggae, Jungle, Drum’n’Bass, Trap, Bulgarbeat, Breakbeat, Balkan fusion, Etnobass, Bleep’s and others.

The music he chooses is an inspiration for Popa, not only from the concert of Oratnitza on the native and world stage, but also the personal influence of the musical styles on it. These parties are a kind of confession of Popa to the audience and his fans, the personal biases towards the different subcultures found in our country.

There is no party that the attendees will remain indifferent! Every event and music selection is a walk between different periods of time during which music has undergone changes and upsets