9-10 iunie

I don’t like to look back, but let me tell you my story, let’s make it clear.
As far as I can remember I always loved music. I was a big fan of Robert Miles, Paul Van Dyk, Fatboy slim.
– gold era of electronic music 1990s-beginning of the 2000s

After a few years of mixing different sorts of music like deep-house,techno and psybreaks on the local scene i started producing my own tracks as demos.
I’ve uploaded my music under few names: Audio society, Dj AxA.
But I was very modest and unsure of myself.
Everything was made without any connection with myself.
And after no answers from few labels where I sent my demos, i started to experiment with sounds and go much deeper to music production. My first progressive/psytrance tracks were born like „ok it sounds interesting, let’s try it”.

My music from that period for me it’s not what I can call ,,Midiportal,, it was fun to made and learn something new.
As for the rest of my techno music, what many call tech-house / deep-house if you listen carefully to it you will find some progressive vibe there but yeah with psy-elements (kick, bass, fxs).

In 2018 had the oportunity to perform at Embargo festival as a resident dj, opening the ,,green stage ,, for artist’s like Dj. K-lu, Mr. goju, Spazm and B:hex. The journey doesn’t stop here. 

This year, „Midiportal” will perform for the second time at embargo festival on the „electric base” scene as a resident dj in the closing sessions.